Pro-Tech Mechanical

Provides service and installation to all residential and light commercial equipment. Our top service technicians are all certified through the state and federal government insuring you that your technician has gone through vigorous training and testing before he is employed on your project. We also stock parts for most air-conditioning systems eliminating the inconvenience of costly parts runs. Pro-Tech Mechanical’s technicians are trained in new and old refrigerants assuring you a comfortable environment no matter what kind of system you have.

We are proud to be the only certified Mitsubishi dealer in South Eastern Wisconsin for the City Multi cooling and heating system. This system is used to heat and cool up to fifty different locations simultaneously with only one outdoor unit.

We also provide ductless cooling systems for homes with computer rooms where ducting is hard, and/or impossible to install. We also provide high velocity cooling for homes heated with boilers.

Our Services Include